What are the best things to see in Sicily?

What are the best things to see in Sicily? There are lots of things to see in Sicily, in fact, this island is one of the most important historical evidence of past civilizations in Italy.

Palermo Cathedral
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That’s why choosing the places to visit can be a complicated job, here we’ll try to figure out what to see in Sicily according to different places of interest.
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Palermo is the capital, a city of ancient origins, founded by the Phoenicians in the sixth and seventh centuries BC. Since ancient times it was an important port hub and nowdays the huge port is still an important link in the mercantile sector. In the summer, among the things to see in Sicily, and in Palermo, I recommend swimming in the waters of Mondello, dive into the waves and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Of course, I urge you to include among the things to see in Sicily, if you go to Palermo, the beautiful Cathedral, the Church of St. John of the Hermits, the Martorana Church, the Palatine Chapel of the Norman Palace and the Admiral Bridge.
Remember that in addition to the big cities, in Sicily there are provinces and small towns located close to the sea or inland which tell a lot about the historical and archaeological culture of Trinacria.

Things to seeĀ in Sicily, the charming Taormina

When you wonder what to do and what to see in Sicily in summer, Taormina is always to the top of our choices.
The Greek Theatre and its strategic location make it special, a real pearl among the things to see in Sicily. The history of Taormina is an ancient history, however, the main monuments to visit dating back to Roman times, or at later dates. Romans, Swabians, Normans, French, Spaniards have repeatedly dominated this land, leaving traces and creating a unique style in local architecture and lifestyle.
One of the main strengths of Taormina is undoubtedly the perfect blend of history, culture, night life and crystal clear sea. In short, this small town is a forced stop on any itinerary when you wonder how to visit Sicily.
And of course we should never forget the food. In Taormina, as in all Sicily, you can sample excellent local products, at affordable prices.
Personally, I always have a preference for seafood cuisine in this beautiful Italian island, however, the delicacies are so many. Click here to find out what to eat in Sicily.

What to see in Sicily, Syracuse and its beauties

What to see in Sicily? Really close to Taormina there is the city of Syracuse. It’s just a little over an hour by car, and you will be immersed in the historical center of the city, among its many monuments. Once arrived in Syracuse, you’ll immediately notice the historical and cultural impact as proof of the passage of ancient civilizations. Before starting a nice walk in the historical center of the city I recommend a stop on the Ortigia Island, one of the most beautiful things to see in Sicily. In the vicinity, you can admire the famous Ear of Dionysus, an big structure dug into the rock which evokes ancient tragedies of the past.
But Syracuse still has a lot to offer: Fountain of Arethusa, the Cathedral of Syracuse, the Roman Amphitheatre.

Things to see in Sicily, the other shore

Being on the opposite side of the island of Sicily, you will be virtually immersed in a parallel world. I personally recommend you to insert in the list of things to see in Sicily Trapani and the town of Erice. To make them unique are the panoramic views that offer visitors. Erice is set on a hill of the same name, rich in churches and monuments, undisputed testimony of its history. Trapani, instead, is best known for being a place of connection to the Egadi Islands, or for the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Another site of particular interest are the old salt marshes, which today represent one of the most interesting natural parks in Italy.

Have you other time? That’s still what to see in Sicily

No doubt you have to visit the famous Valley of the Temples and the spectacular Val di Noto, and many other areas of the island. The town of Noto is famous all over the world, its spectacular cathedral is an unmistakable beauty. But Sicily is a whole world of sea and culture. Ragusa, the city of Modica are examples.
If you visit the beautiful Italian island in the summer do not forget to go to the Vendicari Reserve, an experience not to be missed and therefore to be included definitely in the list of things to see in Sicily.

Obviously this post is only a fraction of general search to begin to study and organize your own trip and their itineraries based on what to see in Sicily.

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