Rome to Pompeii day trip, how to do it?

How to do a Rome to Pompeii day trip. How to organize it? Worthwhile? Many people, and not only Italian, decide to go to Pompei from Rome for a day trip to enjoy and admire one of the most important historical finds in the world. In this post I will explain how to do a Rome to Pompeii day trip. In this post I’ll describe it without dwelling too much on what to do in Pompeii, to find this information read this post.

Rome to Pompeii day trip with tour operator

How to get from Rome to Pompeii RuinsThere are two ways to do a Rome to Pompeii day trip, alone or with an organized group. The choice will be dictated primarily by its own financial resources, from our ability to move independently and from the number of people traveling with us.
Tour operators who organizes Rome to Pompeii day trip are dozens. My advice is to rely solely on experienced and reliable tour operators, most of them organize tour from Rome to Pompeii by bus, with an experienced guide, departing from Rome (Termini Station) and taking you on the Pompeii Ruins for a day. Typically after a visit to the archaeological find, you can have lunch and visit the Shrine of Pompeii and after you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation for shopping. After all come back in Rome.

Rome to Pompeii day trip solo

To the most intrepid, to small groups instead I recommend the day tour independently. The options are mainly three:

  • Rome to Pompeii day trip by car. Reach Pompeii by car from Rome is quite simple, you have to take the A1 Highway towards Naples and take the exit for Pompei/Pompeii West. From here, just follow the directions for a few kilometers to reach the destination. The trip takes about 2 hours for a total of about 250 km;
  • Rome to Pompeii day trip by train. There are two main options to enjoy a tour from Rome to Pompeii by train, the shortest and most expensive way is to take a Frecciarossa train from Rome to Naples (Piazza Garibaldi station) and then take the Circumvesuviana to Pompeii, in this case the trip will be about two hours. Another option is to take an Intercity Rome-Salerno and then a train from Salerno to Pompeii, about 4 hours of trip. For timetables and rates click here;
  • Rome to Pompeii day trip by bus. Every day dozens of buses depart to Pompeii from Rome, you’ll be spoiled for choice for prices, timetables and services. The best choice is always to go near the Roma Termini Station and see the deals, but if you die by the desire to do everything online I recommend you to type a few simple words on your favorite search engine “Rome to Pompeii day trip by bus”.

Rome to Pompeii day trip, worthwhile?

Visiting Rome in a few days is practically impossible, it depends on how you travel and the time at your disposal. No doubt an excursion from Rome to Pompeii will let you see an archaeological jewel unequaled in a sufficient time after all. But you will have enough time to visit Rome? To you the choice!

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