Things to do in Rome absolutely!

We discover in this post things to do in Rome absolutely, at least in my opinion. Before starting is obligatory to say that Rome is the Eternal City and in over 2,000 years of history many things have been built and invented, so you have to be patient and know that this post will be a little longer than usual. And then I say, as Italian, are pretty much in love with this city and so for me the things to do in Rome are really a lot. That’s why I decided to divide this post in four paragraphs describing the most beautiful and characteristic unusual places, the most important monuments, the main dishes and the best areas for nightlife. Enjoy the reading…
If your visit is long enough, among the things to do in Rome absolutely I recommend a day trip to Pompeii or a day trip in Naples or Mount Vesuvius.

Things to do in Rome absolutely, unusual places of the Eternal City

A visit to the unusual places in Rome is the best thing a tourist could ask, of course, I recommend it to all those not are visiting Rome for only 3 days. Among the unusual places we find some fountains like the Fountain with the Lid, better known by the Romans as “Zuppiera Fountain“. In the beginning, it was a common open fountain, however, Pope Gregory XV decided to close it with a real marble cover because he was tired of the neglect of the Romans.
things to do in Rome absolutelyAmong the things to do in Rome absolutely, the most colorful district of the Eternal City can not be forgotten, Tor Marancia become the symbol of Street Art and urban regeneration. But I speak to you again about fountains among the unusual places in Rome, such as a fountain with the cannon ball to the center, located in Viale Trinita dei Monti, try to guess the ancient legend.
You are in Rome for a few days? Among the things to do in Rome in 3 days do not forget to see the Rubens Motorized Painting in the church Santa Maria in Vallicella, a painting which appears and disappears. A real unusual thing.
And there’s more, we have yet to see the Water Clock of the Pincio, the Magic Door in Vittorio Square and the Hoot Owls in Nomentana Street.

Things to do in Rome absolutely, the most beautiful monuments of the Capital

Visiting the Colosseum in RomeSpeaking of monuments in the Eternal City is almost an understatement, it would not be enough pages and pages just to list them. However, among the things to do in Rome absolutely, and then among the monuments to see I will mention only some, without describing them, because their popularity has came to you before of my article.
Among the most important monuments of the Capital you must definitely see the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, Colonna Square, Montecitorio Square, the Pantheon, Minerva Square, Campo dei Fiori, Farnese Square, the Capitol and the Altar of the Fatherland.
Obviously to visit these monuments is among the things to do in Rome absolutely, but this does not mean that there are only them to see. My advice is always to get lost in the quarters, in the taste of the Roman world, get lost in the sweet perfumes. In short, you have to travel.

Things to do in Rome absolutely, what to eat?

Spaghetti CarbonaraThe nicest thing is that the Eternal City is located in Italy, and in Italy nothing is better than food. The Capital has a cuisine very varied and especially with many typical dishes. Among the things to do in Rome absolutely you have to taste the Spaghetti Amatriciana, Bucatini Cheese and Pepper and of course the Spaghetti Carbonara. Actually they are three dishes based on pasta the first with sauce and bacon, the second with the cheese and the third with egg and bacon. Three very different flavors to savor.
But among the things to do in Rome absolutely do not forget to taste the “coppiette“, the “strizzoli” and “guts stuffed with anise“. These are three very characteristic and local dishes not served at all restaurants.
In short, among the things to do in the Eternal City treat yourself to taste many typical dishes, avoiding various junk foods, pizza (which is Neapolitan), maybe tasting a good wine.

Things to do in Rome absolutely, where to go in the evening?

visit Rome in 3 daysIn the evening the Italian Capital has much to offer, both for young tourists and both for those not so young, both for families with small children. Without getting lost in a long and useless list of bars, restaurants and clubs, I tell you that among the things to do in Rome in the evening there is no doubt you have to do a tour in Trastevere neighborhood. It’s crowded popular neighborhood, full of fun for all ages and for all tastes. Back to the subject of the previous paragraph, many excellent restaurants are right in Trastevere.
Among the things to do in Rome in the evening, don’t forget a walk along the Fori Imperiali which will allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view, especially at sunset.
Obviously the views of the Tiber at sunset is one of the things to do in Rome in the evening, just see the photo on the left.

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