Things to do in Sicily

Things to do in Sicily. If you’re looking for a list of the most beautiful places to see in Sicily, you have to lean back and sail the web for countless hours, in fact, the places of interest offered by this island are so many, too many, every place is a source of fascination, history and culture. If you are going to organize your holiday in the beautiful Trinacria, read in this article which talk about some of the most popular spots on the island, here’s what to do in Sicily. Before all, I point out the links with things to eat in Sicily and things to do in Palermo.

Things to do in Sicily during holiday

Things to do in Sicily
Pic by Andrew Malone via Flickr under CC license

Things to do in Sicily, first of all organization. Plan well and in good time what to do in Sicily, in fact, this land will amaze you as it has to offer. Among the Sicilian beauties, there is the charming city of Syracuse, where the Magna Grecia is present in every monument. Do not miss the chance to visit the Greek Theatre, completely carved out of white rock, and never amended over time. This theater still retains the same atmosphere of the past. Inside Greek Theatre, every year classical performances, tragedies and comedies are held. Theater companies perform in the period of May and June the works of Ancient Greece. The shows are organized by the National Institute of Ancient Drama, INDA. If you are planning your vacation at this time of year, do not miss the opportunity to attend one of these representations.
A short distance from the Greek Theatre, among the things to do in Sicily, do not miss the Ear of Dionysius. Its ancient history still affects tourists, besides to appear in all its immensity particularly scenic.
While you’re in Syracuse, take advantage to place among the things to do in Sicily, a visit to the beautiful Island of Ortigia, with its old town and the beautiful Cathedral. Despite some restoration work, the heart of the old town and the square have maintained the grandeur made by Ancient Greece.

What to do in Sicily: Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

Scala dei Turchi
Pic by Sicilia via Flickr under CC license

Other things to do in Sicily? Go to Agrigento to admire the stunning Valley of the Temples. The UNESCO declared this place in 1997 World Heritage Site, and in fact is a true wealth of our planet. You can just go there to leave you overwhelmed by the past, the monuments are really huge and spectacular. What to do in Sicily if not travel to those places envied by the world? Here the story is still present, and the time seems to be never past. Not far from the Valley of the Temples, go to the place called Scala dei Turchi, something not to be missed. Scala dei Turchi is one of the things to do in Sicily for its scenic beauty. Here you will see a rock wall, which flows into the sea, a rocky wave which meets with the beautiful Sicilian sea.

Things to do in Sicily? Caltagirone and of course Mount Etna

Do not forget to include a visit to the active volcano Mount Etna, the highest in Europe. It organizes many guided tours with specialized staff with guide and groups of tourists fascinated by the great volcano, of course the excursion on Mount Etna is one of the things to do in Sicily. For the uninitiated, Italy has two active volcanoes: Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius.
If still you wonder what to do in Sicily, Caltagirone with its staircase enriched by ceramic decorations is a must see, climb all the steps and admire the beautiful city view, mother of famous ceramics in the world.
The Sicilian sea is an unique beauty. If you want to enjoy a little relaxation, here is what to do in Sicily, you have to immerse yourself in its sea, crystal clear by day and deep blue at sunset. Several coasts of Sicily are protected areas, the Plemmirio and Ognina of Syracuse are unforgettable coasts.
Among the things to do in Sicily, in addition to visiting the many monuments, and enjoy the sea, you should definitely try the granita with a nice brioche. After having breakfast with brioche and granita, the usual coffee and milk will no longer have the same taste. Today there are several variations in tastes, typical of the place is almond, a real treat for the palate.

Now you know what to see and things to do in Sicily.

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