Best things to see and do in Dublin!

After writing several posts on the Irish capital, here I am ready to write a list of things to do in Dublin and things to see in Dublin. I state that my journey in Dublin was fairly short, just five days I have described here. However, I studied a lot what to do and what to see in the capital and now I could virtually write an international treaty on it.
Here are some my consideration. Even though I had made a wide list of things to see in Dublin, in the end I felt completely overwhelmed by the city and the local folklore, things to do in Dublin are very many and they are always topped by the Irish customs and traditions. Sing a song in a pub, talking to people on the streets, admire the incredible patriotism, eating one of the many dishes of the traditional cuisine of the city. In short, don’t be too strict with yourself.
For those one wishing to learn about the history of Dublin, here is the link to Wikipedia.

Best things to do in Dublin

visit the Guinness StorehouseNow let’s try to understand what to see in Dublin, of course I’ve been there only five days and so I did not visit everything, but much will depend on how you travel and what you want from this city. Among the things to see in Dublin there are absolutely, the Dublin Castle, Trinity College, The Old Library and the Book of Kelly, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, a visit to the Old Jameson Distillery (whiskey) and to the distillery of Guinness (Guinness Storehouse).
The Irish capital is across the Liffey River, between things to do in Dublin definitely you have to see the various bridges of different ages and architectures. The most famous bridge, and in my opinion also the most beautiful, is undoubtedly the Penny Bridge. If you are still wondering what to see in Dublin, I advise the Stock Exchange Palace, the statue of Molly Malone, the General Post Office and St. Stephen’Garden.

Best things to see in Dublin

Howth lighthouseAnd now let’s see how to spend our days, in a word Pub. Among the things to do in Dublin absolutely you cannot miss a pubs tour in the most popular and frequented district of the city: Temple Bar. In this neighborhood, located in the center of the city, there are a lot of pubs where you play and sing live music, choose among hundreds of beers and where you can sample some local tastiness. If you have time available, among the things to do, but especially among the things to see in Dublin, there is a day visit to Howth. It’s a small fishing village where you can taste a good fish and where you can see the lighthouse in the picture. Many people decide to visit Belfast, but I find it a bit excessive.
Obviously, among the things to do in Dublin dont’ miss a walk along Grafton Street and O’Connell Street, two main arteries for life and shopping in the city.
But as I said at the beginning, rather than wondering what to see and what to do, you have to get lost in Dublin, you have to talk to people.

Best things to eat in Dublin

Now that we have seen, annotated and deepened things to do in Dublin and things to see in the Irish capital, I’m sure you are thinking about only one thing: food. Irish cuisine is quite rich in local dishes and, of course, is not a very healthy cuisine. Among the things to eat absolutely in Dublin there is the classic Full Irish Breakfast, more than a breakfast, it’s a real protein and caloric bomb. The typical dishes in this city are the smoked salmon, Fish and Chips, drisheen, Irish Stew, Champ and very traditional Dublin Coddle. Obviously at the table you cannot miss a frozen Guinness and to finish a few shots of whiskey.

Here’s the things to do in Dublin and the things to see in Dublin. Now you just need to book flight and hotel.

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