Visiting the Vesuvius in Naples and the Vesuvius National Park

Are you thinking of visiting Mount Vesuvius in Naples? Well, I’ll tell you my experience. To tell the truth, as the Neapolitan, I’m a little ashamed to say that I made my first excursion on Vesuvius just a while ago. But from that moment it was true love, visiting the Vesuvius means enjoying one of the most fascinating views of the Gulf of Naples, Salerno and Naples, surrounded by nature, to the edges of the crater of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It’s incredible, isn’t it?
No doubt the visit to the Vesuvius and Vesuvius National Park are a stop not to be missed on a trip to Naples.

Visit the Vesuvius in Naples, what to see?

Visiting the Vesuvius in NaplesFirst of all, if you are visiting the Vesuvius in Naples you should know that you are actually visiting the Vesuvius National Park, where the volcano crater is only a small part.
Inside Vesuvius National Park, we’ll walk the trail called Hell Valley, at the foot of the volcano. It is a path at the foot of Mount Somma still partially covered by the eruption of 1944 the lava.
Visiting the Vesuvius in Naples also allows the path of Cognoli, in which it develops in a pine forest, on a steep slope with hairpin bends that cross the Sharp Valley, on a paved road for the first 600 meters after which the path becomes dirt.
But it is not over, you could to add an excursion to Mount Somma, the Tirone Reserve, the Matrona Road, the Profica Valley , or the Lava River where they are layered and sedimented the various eruptions during the eruptions of volcano of Naples Vesuvius.

Visiting the Vesuvius in Naples, the excursion on the cone

Of course the icing on the cake of visiting Mount Vesuvius in Naples is definitely the excursion on the volcano’s cone. Personally, I was lucky enough to hear a concert on top of the crater at sunset (a rare event) and I must say that the walk, quite challenging, it’s worth it. The trail leaves from the square in altitude 1000 site in the town of Herculaneum. The panorama which can be admired is of rare beauty: we’ll recognize all the crests of Mount Somma at the foot of the Giant Valley to the south-east is called the Valley of Hell.
As mentioned at the beginning, visiting the Vesuvius in Naples gives the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy. Really an excursion not to be missed.

Want to know how to reach the Vesuvius! I wrote an article on purpose, simply follow the link just reported.

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