Beach of Mondello in Palermo. Opinions and how to reach it

My opinions on the beach of Mondello in Palermo. Mondello Beach in Palermo is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It’s 11 kilometers far from the city. Its proximity allows Palermo’s people to enjoy even a few hours of the sea during the breaks from work. How to get to the beach of Mondello? From the city center you have just to travel on different avenues to the sea.

Opinions on the beach of Mondello in Palermo

Mondello beach is touched by a crystal clear blue sea, very similar to the beaches of exotic locations, such as the Caribbean. It has nothing to envy to places which are located across the world. Mondello Beach in Palermo is set between Pellegrino Mount and Gallo Mount. These mountains mean that the beach takes a wild nature profile, and during winter it turns into a wild and lonely place. Many Sicilians in Palermo, choose to enjoy the beach and the sea of ​​Mondello for their moments of relaxation throughout the year. In the summer months instead it is completely overrun by tourists, especially foreigners, who choose the beach of Mondello in Palermo for their beach holidays. The sea is crystal clear with different shades of blue, the sand is white and fine, the water is shallow. But the beach of Mondello in Palermo is not only nature and enchanted sea, it is also fun. This beach is also chosen by international VIP. During the night, the nightlife begins with music and entertainment. Along the coast there are bars and restaurants for all budgets, from the most exclusive to the cheaper.
The numerous beaches provide sunbathers many services: umbrellas, sun beds, cabins and the possibility to enjoy water sports. At Mondello’s seaside you will find many instructors who will allow you, although beginners, to learn the most fun water sports.

Directions, how to get to Mondello in Palermo

If you are in Palermo in a warm time of year and you wonder how to get to Mondello, you just have to take one bus. The 806, it will take tou from palermo to Mondello’s sea. It’s a seasonal bus which circulates from mid-May to October. The bus leaves from the Politeama Theatre, precisely in Sturzo Square, with a frequency of 30 minutes. How to get to Mondello during the winter? If you want to get to Mondello in winter, you have to catch the 606 busfrom the football stadium Barbera, accessible by 101 bus.
Now, you just have to book your dream vacation in Sicily and enjoy a relaxing time visiting Palermo. You will be in a beautiful landscape, enjoying a slice of Sicilian Cassata and a cultural tour of the historic city center.

Here are my opinions on the beach of Mondello.

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