Best things to see in Taormina, in Sicily

What to do in Taormina? And what are the best things to see in Taormina? In a work of 1787, named “Voyage in Italy”, Goethe called Taormina “flap of paradise on earth” and who has been in this city cannot disagree with him. Among the things to do in Taormina, there is, first of all, the Greek Theatre, which is the second most famous theater in Sicily, after Syracuse’s. This theater, suspended between sea and land, is home to the summer events and singing and artistic events. The most famous is the “Taormina Arte”, the international festival of the arts.

What are the things to see in Taormina? The Villa Comunale is in pole position

If you are wondering what to see in Taormina you need only choose from. At the center of the town there is a natural oasis in the middle of the daily grind: the Villa Comunale. In 1884 in the Villa Comunale Taormina the noblewoman Lady Florence Trevelyan Cacciola lived, she made erect inside a building with an exotic taste. So the noblewoman could admire the countless amount of birds and flowers as she was fond of ornithology. The flowers can be admired today in the Villa Comunale of Taormina, it looks like a typical English garden. The visit inside the Villa Comunale is free and it’s open to visitors in summer from 9 to 24, and in the winter from 9 to 20. The Villa Comunale is one of the things to do in Taormina absolutely.

Things to see in Taormina? Corvaja Palace

What to see in Taormina? Among the things to see in Taormina is the Corvaja Palace, today Company headquarters Autonomous Tourist Board. At the firs floor the building houses a museum of arts and popular traditions of Sicily. The palace was restored at the behest of the City after a period of decline and abandonment suffered in 1945. Between 1538 and 1945 the Corvaja Palace was the residence of the family, from which it takes its name. The battlements of the Tower is Arab, the windows are in Gothic-Catalan style. Finally, the fifteenth-century hall is Norman. The entrance to the Corvaja Palace costs 2.60 € and is open every day except Monday, from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 20. This building is definitely one of the things to see in Taormina.

The town Cathedral dedicated to St. Nicholas in Duomo Square, in Taormina

Among the things to see in Taormina absolutely you have to admire the impressive Duomo Square, with the city’s Cathedral dedicated to St. Nicholas. The tower of the Cathedral makes it looks like a fortress. Opposite the Cathedral is the Baroque fountain built in the ‘600, surrounded by four smaller fountains placed on the side. At the center of this fountain is the symbol of the city of Taormina, ie, a centaur with the crown who holds a scepter in one hand and in the other world. The Duomo Square is certainly one of the things to see in Taormina. The Cathedral dedicated to St. Nicholas is open every day from 9 to 20, and admission is free.
The Cathedral can be reached on foot as it is in the city center.

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