Day tour to Ayutthaya, things to do and things to see !!!

What to see and what to do in a day tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya? Here is all the information! Before explaining how to organize and how to make a day trip to Ayutthaya it’s essential to know how to reach this area, what to do, how to move and what to see. The day tour to Ayutthaya from Bangkok is an experience quite common, and you will not struggle to organize it, despite the Thai language. Obviously, when you are preparing to visit Ayutthaya, you are planning to do a day visit in Ayutthaya Historical Park, the ancient capital of Siam.

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya for a day trip?

The web is full of tips on how to get to the Historical Park of Ayutthaya from Bangkok, personally for my one day tour to Ayutthaya I used the comfortable, and economic, private minibuses. They depart daily from the Victory Monument, a BTS Skytrain station. Of course, you can reach the ancient capital of Siam by train, by boat, by cruising, or by bus. But I think for a few baht is not convenient to do 2 to 3 hours of journey. You can do it in just one hour. In the following link you can find all the information to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

What to do in Ayutthaya? Top tips for a unforgettable day trip to Ayutthaya

How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya
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Let’s start with the basics. You are wondering what are the things to do in Ayutthaya? Then, you’ve probably noticed the huge surface and the many kilometers of track. Without using a means of transport doing a one day tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya it’s virtually impossible. Fortunately, the solutions are also in this case numerous.
And it’s possible to spend a day visit in the Ayutthaya Historical Park from Bangkok by tuk tuk or taxi, in my opinion a real economic suicide. Or you can use the minibus or buses and arranging you in their group. Do not be afraid, the ancient capital of Siam is practically littered with agencies who will offer you every kind of trip and excursion by any means of transport, even elephants. I also wondered what to do in Ayutthaya. I preferred to do a day tour to Ayutthaya by bike. Really a great experience, though a little tiring.

What to see in Ayutthaya in Thailand? Things not to miss in a one day tour to Ayutthaya from Bangkok

There is only one possible answer when we wonder what are the things to see in Ayutthaya. There are too many things to see! Visit the Historical Park of Ayutthaya from Bangkok means walking several hours, run under blue skies and hot sun. You will probably walk on the dirt road, without bar, without shade. But trust me, your excursion in the old capital of Siam won’t disappoint. Your daily tour to Ayutthaya will not disappoint.
Among the main things to see in Ayutthaya there are: the National Museum Chan Kasem, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Ram, the National Museum Chao Sam Phraya, the Ayutthaya Historical Studies Center.
Among the various architectures and various ruins, in a day trip to Ayutthaya it’s very original the Wat Mahathat, with a tree that covers the head of a Buddha in the ruins.

My opinion on a one day tour to Ayutthaya

As mentioned, in my trip to Bangkok I made a day trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok. To be precise, I did a one day tour to Ayutthaya by bicycle, in the sun at 40°, with little drinking water. And it was worth it. The Historical Park of Ayutthaya from Bangkok in Thailand is really a crazy archaeological site, rich in architectural, history and culture beauties.
It’s easy to get to the points of interest to visit and truly original.

Now you know how to organize a one day tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

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