How to get to Sorrento from Rome

How to get to Sorrento from Rome? Rome and Sorrento are among the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, of course, these are two very different destinations each other. Rome is the cultural city par excellence, rich in history and exceptional monuments of inestimable value. Sorrento, on the other hand, is a small province of Naples, is a summer tourist destination, place wet by beautiful sea and always sunny. That’s why, especially in the summer, many tourists who visit the Eternal City are wondering how to get to Sorrento from Rome just to enjoy a few relaxing days on the beach. But will you have enough time? Do you know what to see in Rome in a few days? This link will help you.

How to get to Sorrento from Rome? Many solutions

what to see in sorrentoRome and Sorrento are not far away, in fact the two locations are situated just 265 km. However, these two places are not really well-connected and therefore it will always need some time to reach the coveted Sorrento Peninsula.
In general to get to Sorrento from Rome we can use different solutions and different paths. Car, bus and train are undoubtedly the best solutions, however, you can also take advantage of some super discounted flight from Rome to Naples and then go from Naples to Sorrento.
In my opinion the best way to get from Rome to Sorrento is the car, but let’s see in detail how to move.

How to get to Sorrento from Rome by car

Getting to Sorrento from Rome by car is very simple, if you are not with your car the first step will be to hire one. Since you have to go a little over 250 km each model is good, but I advice to choose gas or diesel car to save on fuel. Once in the car, just follow the signs for motorways and take Highway A1 direction Naples and from there take the A3 and then exit at Castellammare di Stabia. From that moment the signs to get to Sorrento will be more and more abundant and it will be virtually impossible to get lost. But I’m sure your smartphone, your tablet or your car’s navigation system will explain how to get to Sorrento from Rome by car more precisely than I did. It takes about three hours and a half and you will pay about 50 euro including tolls and fuel.

How to get to Sorrento from Rome by train

As anticipated, in my opinion the car is the best solution. But you can get to Sorrento from Rome by train with two different paths. In the first case you will have to choose a train from Rome to Naples, while in the second case you will need to take a train Roma-Salerno. The cheapest and fastest solution is the first.
To choose a train from Rome to Naples you have to go on the Trenitalia site, I would recommend a Frecciarossa train, it will take you in Naples in an hour.
I explained how to get from Naples to Sorrento in this post, but if you are going to move by train I recommend you take the Circumvesuviana Train towards Sorrento. In this way in a short time you will be at sea.

How to get to Sorrento from Rome by bus

Every day from Rome many private buses depart for Sorrento, especially in summer. Just type in your favorite search engine “How to get to Sorrento from Rome by bus” to find dozens of offers which are virtually all the same. Now you just need to choose according to the rates and times of departure and arrival. Now that you’re on the Sorrento Peninsula, you may want to read what to do and see in Sorrento.

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