Is it a good idea to visit the Guinness Storehouse?

Is it a good idea to visit the Guinness Storehouse? I say immediately that it’s not the thing about Dublin that most fascinated me, however, it is a very popular Irish attraction and therefore it should be seen, especially if you love Guinness beer. But what is the Guinness Storehouse? It is the factory of the most consumed beer in Ireland, as I mentioned a few words ago is one of the most visited and popular places in Dublin. Personally I was very fought while I was wondering to visit or not this building, in short, I’m not the type who travels the world to visit a commercial factory. And to be honest, a few months later, while I’m writing this post for All Days Travel, it’s difficult for me to say if visit the Guinness Storehouse is a good idea or not. But no more talk. Now I will say what I think about.

Is it a good idea to visit the Guinness Storehouse? What to see there?

visit the Guinness StorehouseVisit the Guinness storehouse means setting foot in the Guinness factory now abandoned, it’s near the modern factory. It is a 7 floors building opened to the public in which to immerse yourselves in the history of the Irish black beer par excellence.
Started in 1759, it’s at least 26 hectares. This old factory was converted into a hi-tech museum thanks to a futuristic project which has reinvented the structure turning it into a building which looks like a Guinness pint.
But what to do when you decide to visit the Guinness Storehouse? The answer is soon served.
On the ground floor you will find the ticket office, the free audio guides in several languages and the inevitable shop.
The rest of the floors are dedicated to the manufacture of Guinness in all its aspects. Ingredients, fermentation, barrels, marketing, transportation, communication, history of the Guinness family.
But visit the Guinness Storehouse also means tasting. In different floors it will be able to enjoy a bit of beer, while on the rooftop terrace you can enjoy Dublin settling enjoying a nice frothy Guinness.

Is it a good idea to visit the Guinness Storehouse?

And here there are the sorrowful notes. Visit the Guinness Storehouse means forking out 20 Euros per person, in my opinion too much. In short, it is always an abandoned factory where the gadgets sales would already be sufficient to recover the costs.
In my opinion in cold and rainy days is ideal, but if your time is not enough put the Guinness Storehouse among your priorities is not correct.

Visit the Guinness Storehouse? How to get there?

How to reach the Guinness Storehouse? Simple. Temple Bar is about a 20 minute walking which will allow you to discover many interesting views of the Irish capital. It often rains, so do not forget umbrella or poncho raincoat.
By purchasing tickets online you will jump the queue, on some occasions it can be really long, in this way visit the Guinness Storehouse will be much more pleasant.
For more information visit the official site.

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