How many days in Bangkok in Thailand?

How many days in Bangkok in Thailand? The Thai capital is really a great city. Well, for sure it is not a goal in which stop only a few days before reaching the coveted exotic sea. In various correspondences via email I was asked how many days to spend in Bangkok to fully enjoy the city, my answer? At least six days and now I’ll explain you why…

How many days in Bangkok in Thailand? It takes more than 3 days recommended by all

Many people claim that you need just 3 days in Bangkok to visit most of the monuments. I find it almost absurd. Have you considered the jet-lag? Do youu know the Bangkok area? Have you any idea how many points of interest are out of town?
In short, when you ask how many days to spend in Bangkok you have to consider that among the points of interest not to be missed, there are some very interesting nearby areas: the floating market of Damnoen Saduak, the Lopburi town and the ancient capital of Siam Ayutthaya. They are virtually compulsory excursions which will take about a day each.

How many days in Bangkok in Thailand? At least 6 days

I answer the big question in this way. You have to spend at least six days in Bangkok. The first day takes to recover from jet-lag, the second to visit the area of the temples, the third for the floating market, the fourth for Ayutthaya, the fifth for Lopburi and the sixth day to go to the islands. Which island to choose? One in all Koh Samui and its beaches.
I was a little simplistic, but it’s true. Just do a quick search on Google by typing “how many days in Bangkok in Thailand” to read a bunch of nonsense.
For example, I spent five days in the Thai capital. I walked the length and breadth, I visited monuments around the clock. And yet I feel I have jumped a world of things. But perhaps this is the syndrome of the traveler.

How many days in Bangkok? Don’t forget that you are traveling and not at a marathon

Obviously, when assessing how many days to spend in Bangkok don’t forget that you are on vacation. In short, you deserve a bit of relaxation. Reading a few routes on the web it seems that the days are of 40 hours and that the capital is small as a neighborhood.
Eat a fruit, visit a shop, take a ride in the markets, bargain the price. Visiting Bangkok also means this, really would you like to deprive you of these pleasures? What about the nightlife?
Well, now you know how many days in Bangkok are required to visit the bare minimum. At least in my opinion.

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