How to visit the Trevi Fountain, and what to see

How to visit the Trevi Fountain? The Trevi Fountain is among the most beautiful monuments of Rome, and certainly one of the most beautiful fountains in the world.
The fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi, in rococo style, and located near Poli Palace. In 1732, the construction work began and they was completed in 1762. The fountain was built with travertine, marble, plaster, stucco and metal. For its beauty, the Trevi Fountain is always present in the lists of things to do in Rome of any good tourist, also because it’s located in the historical center and it’s a good spot in every tourist itinerary.
But now is the time to explain how to visit the Trevi Fountain in a short time and avoiding the crush which throngs his steps every day.

Visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome, a bit of history

How to visit Trevi Fountain
Pic by Gennaro Grasso

The history of the Trevi Fountain is inextricably linked to that of the Virgin Aqueduct, which dates from the time of Emperor Augustus, when it was built to get the running water until the Pantheon. From then on, the fountain and the aqueduct had moments of decline and splendor up to the construction of the Trevi Fountain in 1700.
The funds for the construction were made available by the introduction, or rather re-introduction, of the Lotto game in Rome. The work was funded for 17,647 crowns and lasted several years.
Since then the Trevi Fountain in Rome has had several restorations, however, his appearance has changed only minimally, and today you can admire it in all its glory. The last restoration works were completed in 2015, after 17 months of tireless work.

Visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome, what to see?

Now that we know a little bit of the history of the fountain, let’s discover how to visit the Trevi Fountain and, especially, what to see there. The fountain is entirely inspired by the sea. It presents itself as a rectangle frame with rounded corners, in turn inserted inside a little flight of steps below the street level. Typically, this staircase is quite crowded, so I recommend you to visit the Trevi Fountain in the early morning to avoid the crowds. Only in this way you will enjoy the monument in peace and quiet, take some nice pictures and express the popular wish throwing a coin.
Inside the fountain stand out a large statue of Oceanus riding a chariot, in the shape of a shell, pulled by two winged horses, in turn driven by as many newts. Do not forget to admire the four allegorical statues representing “Fruit Abundance”, “Fertility of the fields”, “Wealth of Autumn” and “Amenity of gardens”.
Obviously these are just the key sights of the Trevi Fountain, for more information I suggest you visit Wikipedia.

How to get to the Trevi Fountain?

Where is the Trevi Fountain in Rome? The fountain is located in Trevi Square, and it’s easily accessible on foot from the Spanish Steps and the Quirinale Palace. The fastest way to reach the Trevi Fountain in Rome is undoubtedly by metro, getting off at stops “Spagna” or “Barberini.”
I recommend you to move on foot, the area is very characteristic, always packed with tourists. Bars, restaurants and pubs dot the area and you will not struggle to find rest and enjoy some relaxing hours.
Other points of interest adjacent to the fountain are Navona Square and Pantheon. Although, as I anticipated, Trevi Fountain is perfect in any tourist itinerary due to its central location.

Now you know almost everything about this beautiful Roman monuments, you just need to insert it in your itineraries. And of course don’t forget to make a wish and throw the famous coin behind your shoulders. Have a nice trip, for more information on Rome click here.

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