My idea of Travel Blogging

About 15 days after the birth of All Days Travel I changed a bit my idea of travel blogging trying to adapt it to my travel idea, my work and my time. But before getting to the heart of the post I believe I have to make some clarifications.
My idea of Travel BloggingThe initial idea was to create a blog in which to pour all my experiences, everything I lived, I saw, my views at the same time trying to create mini guides. However, now I fight with the first difficulties.
In my idea of travel blogging the time it is critical factor. I’ve worked for years in communication and i still work in it now. So I can not afford to travel throughout the year. I make on average two or three trips longer than 10 days and several weekends, so most of the time I’m going to describe the trips I’ve already done.
All Travel Days have been online for a short time, so it has no authority on the web and is virtually invisible to the Google eyes.
My social community is very restricted. Here are the prerequisites when you decide to open a travel blog. A mission impossible? Perhaps.

My idea of travel blogging and the author (me)

In many travel blogs I’ve noticed that more people write the articles, often over 10-15 articles a day. I understand that it is a choice linked to the time available, but why have a travel blog where other authors write? Personally I would prefer to write all my articles, but maybe it’s too early to tell. In short, All Days Travel is online for 15 days and already I feel a guru who shot judgments? No, but I just like the idea of writing my contents on my blog. My experiences, my life.
So today my idea of travel blogging is to write all my articles, in Italian and English, even though I know that I can never compete with the many blog-magazine-newspaper that there are online. We’ll see how it will go. Maybe one day I will ask help in translations because my English is very bad 😉

My idea of travel blogging and quality

Without much surprise, I analyzed the top 20 results for some keywords on Google search engine. What did I find? Some journal who have a great authority and therefore they deserve to be there. Very few established bloggers, who have done it for years and therefore they deserve to be there.
For the rest I found dozens of badly written web pages, written only in SEO key, without soul, without history. In short, many bloggers will probably never visited all those places they describe. Maybe they pay copywriters, maybe they just paid them a penny.
This is really far from my idea of travel blogging and having to face this kind of competition a little demeans me. How to give quality content, original, enjoyable to read, useful and visible on Google?
It is here that my idea of travel blogging has suffered a big rebuilding.

  • Seo. Honestly I find that too optimizing post for placement on search engines is demeaning. However, I have to adapt myself to this. You’ll also notice in this post a few small “trick”. Obviously I’m trying to mediate my desire to write something decent with my hope to be visited. A blog lives only if it has any visitors;
  • Content. On this I just can not change my idea of travel blogging. In short, I would not only write articles like “What to see in Rome in a day”, “What to see in Tokyo in 5 days”, “How to get from Dublin to Howth” and so on. But even in that I’m trying to mediate. How can I do? I want to describe the things I’ve seen, my emotions and I will do it in every single post. Occasionally I will write posts that act as aggregators with a more competitive SEO. It seems a fair compromise?
    Social. I started to follow different travel bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr. Many of them are really annoying, and I would not become one of it. I’m trying to be minimally invasive reporting only site updates.

This is my idea of travel blogging for All Days Travel today, maybe it will change. Maybe my 15 visitors a day are a pathetic result. But I like to think that it is the right way. And you? What do you think about it?


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