My opinions on Bangkok in Thailand

My opinions on Bangkok in Thailand! After a few weeks since my return in Italy, I am finally ready to give my opinion on the Thai capital.
Obviously, my views on this megalopolis are strictly personal. So, it’s very probably that others will think differently and make their own considerations.
Before starting with my opinions on Bangkok, I will tell you my experience in Thailand. My travel plan was slightly different. All those who follow All Days Travel have probably read of the preparation of my trip to Thailand. Well, my dreams to go to far and wide, but especially to the jungle in the north, clashed with reality. Bangkok is a huge city, full of places of interest, things to do and things to see. Despite I went several times to several hundred kilometers from the center, I preferred to bypass the large green spaces and devote myself to the old capital, floating markets, and temples out of town.

My opinions on Bangkok and the first impressions

opinions on Bangkok
Pic by Gennaro Grasso

Just exit from any Skytrain station to begin to have the first opinions on Bangkok. Some of them will be right and others wrong. Here’s the things which will impress you right away. Two worlds coexist in the Thai capital, a modern world and an ancient world. Alongside the fast food you will find peddler who wash dishes on the street and cook skewers in an improbable hygiene. You will see the Skytrain, an elevated subway, and tuc tuc, a kind of three-wheeled taxi. But I cannot fail to mention in my opinions on Bangkok the smells. Or rather the stink. The air is practically unbreathable in most cases because of the smog. When you don’t smell the exhaust gases, the tributaries of the Chao Phraya river and their smell of rotten don’t make you breathe. What can I say. The traffic jams and the swarm of over 6 million people will leave you stunned. But after the first impressions, the worst is over. You will discover from my opinions on Bangkok that you cannot falling in love with this megalopolis.

My opinions on Bangkok, its monuments and its places of interest

visit what phra kaeo
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As you will see in the pictures of this short, but perhaps very long, article on the Thai capital, the places of interest are many and beautiful. Especially for us, the Westerners, it’s impossible not to be fascinated by theirs beauty and majesty. Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo. Among the points of interest in this city is impossible not to mention Sukhumvit Road with its hectic life, Siam Square and the whole area of shopping centers. Pat Pong, area with very in vogue nightclubs, and go-go bar district with the lap dance dancers, nightclub, bar girls. But in giving my opinions on Bangkok I have to mention the places of interest nearby the city. The Temple of Lopburi or Ayutthaya ruins are a must in a trip in the Thai metropolis.

My opinions on Bangkok: transport

damnoen saduak and floating market
Pic by Gennaro Grasso

Although much of the population still lives a state of poverty, degradation and misery the pubblic transport is experiencing rapid development. Moving from Bangkok airport is quite easy thanks to two railway lines, one of which will take you straight to the center of Bangkok. My opinions on Bangkok and its transportation is twofold. Move to the center is quite easy thanks to the Skytrain, a fast and efficient service. But after the Skytrain is a real frenzy. Buses are few, small, often left in the lurch, traveling with the doors opened and have only miserable fans. The tuc tuc is a means of transportation useful for short distances, even if the price is quite high.
Move out of town, towards Lopburi and Ayutthaya is possible only with private buses, which in the best case will take about two hours.

My opinions on Bangkok: how to eat in the Thai capital

what to eat in Bangkok
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Do you remember the Thai food you eat in your cities? Forget it! Luckily! My opinions on Bangkok and Thai cuisine in general are very positive. They range from the classic skewers with chicken, beef, pig, crocodile, to the roasted duck pieces. Needless to say, the fried rice and pad thai in all their possible combinations and derivations are a real treat. Also interesting is the broiled fish. And now there is a consideration very important on food in Bangkok. If you do not like spice be very careful on what you choose. What can Isay, try to avoid the street vendors and restaurants just cared. The hygienic condition in Bangkok are often very precarious.
Here’s what to eat in Bangkok.

My opinions on Bangkok: how many days?

what to see in ayutthaya
Pic by Gennaro Grasso

Very often we read on the forums or the travel sites of articles by paradoxical titles. Like visiting Bangkok in 3 days? Like visiting Bangkok in two days? And so on. In my opinion on the Thai capital perhaps I’ll destroy a myth. Bangkok is a great city, full of Buddhist and Chinese temples, rich in history. As already mentioned its architecture is an amazing blend of old and new. Giving my opinions on Bangkok and advising how many days visit it means we must first explain that you will visit two cities and their surroundings. The ancient Bangkok with Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo and obviously its surroundings such as the Temple of Lopburi or the ruins of Ayutthaya (here I explain how to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok). And modern Bangkok with shopping centers, the crowded streets, the neighborhoods of nightlife and its landmarks. How many days visiting Bangkok in Thailand? Well, in my opinions on Bangkok I recommend you devote to this capital at least five days.

Is Bangkok dangerous?

We come to the big question. Is Bangkok dangerous? Making my comments on neighborhoods I don’t think it’s more dangerous than other cities. In my opinions on Bangkok, no doubt I must admit that although they are a very polite people, the Thais always try to cheat tourists. The prices are negotiable up to 80%. You always have to  ask prices before using taxis, tuc tuc, or private autbus. Nightlife did not seem particularly dangerous, despite many areas are particularly degraded. Obviously, describing up its own opinions on Bangkok and its danger one cannot forget the high and widespread poverty. In short, I think a minimum of crime is physiological. Despite this, the police and the army are so present that I don’t think that Bangkok is more dangerous than other European capitals.

Final thoughts on Bangkok

And here we are at the end of my opinions on Bangkok. No doubt a capital full of contradictions, perhaps too many. But that’s not what you look for in a trip? Know, understand and discover new cultures? If this is the purpose of your trips, from a few lines and a few opinions on Bangkok of this article many readers already fallen in love with Bangkok. If you still don’t love it, maybe you should go to the islands of Thailand and maybe only use Bangkok as a stopover for Koh Samui.

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