Things to eat in Poland, my experience

What are the best things to eat in Poland? It seems that eating and drinking are some of the great pleasures of life and, in my opinion, to eat like the locals is mandatory when traveling. Of course, Poland is not a distant place from my house, and to some extent even its cuisine reminiscent of Italian. But as in any country there are specialties that are hard to find elsewhere and absolutely attractive. In short, we are going to find out what to eat in Poland, in my opinion!

What to eat in Poland, I tell my experience

things to eat in Poland
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The cuisine of Eastern Europe is one of my favorites but, in Poland as in other countries of this area, there are few differences between the culinary traditions of the various regions or areas.
The plates are linked by a wide use of vegetables such as cabbage and turnip, potatoes, flavorings such as chives and, for most meat.
Entering in a shopping center and heading to the desk of the flesh, we can see that almost nothing is present in our supermarkets. Cold cuts and cured meats to which we are accustomed are virtually nonexistent and they are replaced by a multitude of sausages, frankfurters, salami and sausage-like of all shapes and sizes. In short, deciding what to eat in Poland is quite a difficult choice, Polish cuisine evokes the traditional European cuisine and personalize it.

Main traditional Polish dishes! The main things to eat in Poland

Read these basics, let’s look at the dishes of Polish tradition, or rather, what I prefer.
Although it may seem wasted talking about it in a travel blog, the basis of every meal in Poland are the soups. Carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets, meat, with tripe and so on and so forth. You’ll find a soup in every restaurant and, above all in every Polish house.
Equally famous but much more delicious are the PIEROGI, my absolute favorite dish. This sort of ravioli is stuffed with the most varied ingredients: spinach, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms and apples, minced meat or even fish. It’s possible to find them in two versions, fried or boiled. They are both delicious and highly recommended, of course it depends on how many calories you want to take! The Pierogi are undoubtedly one of the highlights of Polish cuisine.
In Warsaw and, in general, even in the big cities there are specialized restaurants chains in Pierogi and, quite frankly, I am not bad in spite of my bias towards any kind of franchise.

Other things to eat in Poland, Bigos and Kielbasa

Another must is the BIGOS, dish consisting of sauerkraut, spices and pieces of meat. It can be found almost everywhere, including all night open bar for “night breakfast” after discoteca. Talking about sausages, the most characteristic is the kielbasa, specialty that also belongs to other countries, Eastern Europe and beyond. There is both fresh and smoked and is produced with all types of meat, beef, pork, mutton, chicken, turkey, duck. Unfortunately, as in many countries that have experienced strong economic developments in recent years, Poland has also opened its gates to companies and foreign franchise that in addition to replace the local restaurant owners are guilty of the losing of the personality of the city. In short, the Polish cuisine as the main traditional cuisines of the world is in crisis.
Especially in big cities it is difficult to find typical restaurants and the few existing appear like a tourist attraction. The inhabitants eat breakfast at Starbucks, KFC for the lunch and a dinner, at best, an Hamburger Gourmet. Obviously, I banish these chains of fast-food from things to eat in Poland, absolutely.

The small towns and beer are the bulwark of traditional Polish cuisine, what to eat in Poland!

Fortunately, moving from large centers still exists a strong culinary tradition, let’s hope it will resist for a long time.
But back to talk about beautiful things, like the beer .. On the other hand, beer is still a part of culinary culture! Pilsner and all other with unpronounceable names: Zubr, Ziwiek, Okocim, Tyskie, Lech, etc.
In fact, even in Poland it came the fashion of craft beer and it’s easy to find pubs with excellent products.

Now that we know the main things to eat in Poland we see how to end the meal. A commendation in the end of every meal worthy of respect, naturally turn to vodka, personally I recommend the Wodka Zoladwowa Gorza. White, yellow or flavored almond is the same, the result will still be disastrous.

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    There are many great dishes, which we have to try in Poland. I like fish the most. Delicious dishes made of them we can eat th in Szafarnia 10, on the Marina in Gdansk. Master chef Grzegorz Labuda prepares delicious cheeks of cod and many other dishes and they are delicious.

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