What to see in Howth, Ireland country not to be missed

What to see in Howth? For those who have not read my trip to Dublin, Howth is a small coastal village in Ireland, that is distant half hour by train from Dublin.
When I began to read up on Dublin, things to see, things to do, the experiences of other travelers, I was fascinated by a picture, a lighthouse. I decided that I would do exactly the same photos to the exact same lighthouse.
So one morning I took the Dart from O ‘Connell Station in Dublin, I payed 6 euro ticket for round trip, and I found myself catapulted to Howth. Sometimes 25 minutes by train show you a new worlds.

What to see in Howth?

Howth lighthouseHowth is an old fishing village situated in the Bay of Dublin, but you can still breath its sailor air at every step. The Howth pier is surrounded by seals which follow the numerous fishing boats which dock there every day. Personally I’ve seen at least a dozen of seals swam freely but I think that you could see many more.
But what to see in Howth? Among the most characteristic things to see there is a small harbor full of colorful boats and lined to the left from restaurants serving the catch of the day. The right side of the pier, instead, allows you to reach one of the two lighthouses of Howth. The other lighthouse can be reached in about an hour and a half walk, and I strongly advise against it when the weather is cold or windy.
Particularly interesting in Howth is a walk of about two hours and a half leading to the The Summit, the highest point of the cliff (120m above sea level) and the Head of Howth where you can admire splendid views on the village.
Even at Howth you can see the traditional Irish Martello Towers and in summer you can visit Ireland’s Eye, a small island, bird sanctuary.

What to see and what to do in Howth?

After these long walk that I’ve just described you will be certainly hungry. I was a lot. It’s time to eat the best fish of Dublin in one of the restaurants surrounding the dock. At fair prices you can eat monkfish, salmon, smoked salmon, hake, cod, squid and Irish oysters. In short, not only what to see in Howth but also what to eat.
Believe me, I promised to devote to this article, what to see in Howth, my best words. But you have to be there to understand what it’s about, the wind on your face, the sound of the sea, seals and seagulls to keep you company and the lighthouse to guide you.

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