Where to stay in Palermo and neighborhoods to avoid

Where to stay in Palermo? What are the neighborhoods to avoid in Palermo? Palermo is a seaside town imbued with a strong culture and history. For lovers of beach and art holidays, Palermo is the right city to visit, and without spending much. The best areas where to stay in Palermo are many, each one with its own characteristics, but there are also so many neighborhoods to avoid in Palermo. Let’s try to discover them.

Sleep in the center of Palermo

Most of the accommodation to stay in Palermo are located in the city center, which is also the area with more sights. The historic center of Palermo is crossed by busy Maqueda Street, which intersects with Via Vittorio Emanuele at a point called Quattro Canti. Here, most of the monuments have been restored in recent years. This has brought the city to the splendor of the past, after the damage caused by the exhaust gases for heavy traffic which through the city. Sleeping in the center of Palermo is undoubtedly convenient. In fact, here there are major attractions and places to visit. Most of the downtown area is not among the neighborhoods to avoid in Palermo, so you can happily choose this alternative.

The best areas where to stay in Palermo

Massimo Theatre
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Deciding to stay within historical markets could immerse ourselves in the very life of Palermo. The most popular markets are in Ballarò, Capo and Vucciria. If you are choosing to sleep in Palermo and you’ll opt for the market area you will discover the Sicilian local life. But these places, by their nature, are quite noisy and crowded during the day and during the night. So, the area of ​​the oldest markets is more suited to a young couple or a group of friends, or those who simply love the nightlife and entertainment.
If you are considering where to stay in Palermo and find relax you could stay in Roma Street and Libertà Street. These areas, while being at the center, are very quiet and close to many cultural attractions and more. An area just steps from the waterfront is Kalsa. This area is full of bars and restaurants and beautiful apartments with terrace. Kalsa is an ideal neighborhood to stay in Palermo for young people, families and also for those traveling alone. It is absolutely not among the areas to be avoided although it’s not a quiet area.

Neighborhoods to avoid at Palermo absolutely

After deciding where to stay in Palermo, you need to know which are the areas to avoid in this sicilian city. The neighborhoods to avoid in Palermo are Brancaccio, Zisa, Falsomiele, Uditore e Cruillas. If you really want to visit them, you may go there with locals or in the morning. But, of course, you will not find scenes from the Wild West in the street. Are only areas in which careful and you don’t necessarily have to avoid areas in Palermo. One of the neighborhoods to be avoided in Palermo is Cuba.
But what are the areas to be avoided in the historic center of Palermo? In the historic center, zones to avoid are the Albergheria and Porta di Castro Street.

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