Where to stay in Rome and neighborhoods to avoid

Where to stay in Rome? Which neighborhoods to avoid in the Capital? Rome is a great city by extension, one of the greatest capitals of Europe. There are many places to stay in Rome and there are also many zones to avoid because of the high crime rate. Every big city has in fact his dangerous and insecure places. The best areas where to stay in Rome are a lot and the choice is not easy, it depends on several factors such as the budget, the proximity to downtown and to the train station, to subway or to airport. Let’s discover them…

Sleep in the center of Rome

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The hotels in the center of Rome can be very expensive, especially in areas of Navona Square, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Via del Corso, the Coliseum. If you move to San Pietro zone in Rome, sleeping is less expensive because it is beyond the Tiber and then in a not very touristy area. Also Termini Station Area has much to offer. There are, in fact, various hotels and B&B at pretty cheap prices. You can find a low-cost solution even if the station area is not the best in terms of security, although it is convenient traveling having the subway and bus station nearby. The Termini Train Station area is not precisely among the neighborhoods to avoid in Rome, but Romans think that the areas close to metro stations, with their surroundings, are dangerous. As well as neighborhoods to avoid in Rome are Vittorio Square, the Tiburtina station and the Ostiense station.

Where to sleep in Rome? The best areas where to stay in Rome

Near Termini and the University “La Sapienza” there is San Lorenzo district. An area that was popular but which has been choosen by many students for its vibrant nightlife and for its proximity to the major universities of the Capital. To choose where to stay in Rome in this district you have to pay attention. In fact, there are places open until late at night and it may be very noisy.
Near St. Peter’s there is Prati district. It’s one of the most organized areas compared to the chaos of Rome, so it is more quiet. It is located right behind the Vatican Museums and is very touristy. If you are choosing where to sleep in Rome you may opt for the Monti district, an area midway between Termini and the Cavour metro station. This neighborhood is a medieval area full of traditional restaurants and small shops. Staying in this district you will enjoy the most characteristic Rome. Other neighborhoods where to sleep in Rome are Trastevere, Testaccio and Garbatella, but they are less “traditional” neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Rome absolutely

After deciding where to stay in Rome, you have to know what are the areas to avoid. Among the neighborhoods to avoid in Rome there is the Esquilino. It’s considered very dangerous and insecure area by Roman citizens. Other neighborhoods to avoid in Rome absolutely, at least in my opinion, are San Basilio, Corviale, Trullo, Centocelle, Torpignattara, Torre Angela, Torbellamonaca. In general, and often in wrong, the Roman citizens consider neighborhoods to avoid the zones with many immigrants, isolated roads, bus stops and the subway station. It is a good thing opt for a secure zone when choosing where to stay in Rome.

And now we just need to find out what to do in Rome absolutely.

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