Where to stay in Syracuse? What are the areas to avoid?

Where to sleep and where to stay in Syracuse? What are the neighborhoods to avoid in Syracuse? Syracuse is one of the pearls of Sicily. Deciding where to stay in Syracuse you have to find out the various districts of the city. The main areas in Syracuse are: Ortigia, Santa Lucia, Tiche, Tisia, Zecchino, Neapolis e Gelone.

Where to stay in Syracuse? The ancient center of Syracuse is the best area

The oldest zone is Ortigia: a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is connected to the mainland by three bridges. Following the central bridge, called Umbertino, you arrive at the Temple of Apollo. The latter is the oldest Doric temple in Sicily. If you are lovers of Greek mythology you have to reach Piazza Archimede where Diana’s Fountain was erected to represent the myth of Arethusa. The latter, according to mythology, was a nymph who to escape the court of Alpheus, allows the Goddess Artemis of turning her into spring. The old center is a perfect place to stay in Syracuse: you are close to all the beauties of the Sicilian city and you can find affordable solutions to stay as a B & B and budget hotels. Now you know where is the best place to stay in Syracuse.

Where to sleep in Syracuse? A Ortigia, between history and myth

what to do in ortigia
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Ortigia is the perfect place when you decide to stay in Syracuse. It ‘very charming for its natural balconies overlooking the sea. They are located along the ramparts of the city walls. Moreover, in the historical center there are baroque buildings which have balconies very characteristic. Always at the center, there is Duomo Square and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was built on the greek temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva. The center is really a perfect place to stay in Syracuse, a strategic point from which to visit most of the beauties of this pearl of the Mediterranean.
After a relaxing walk in the old town you can visit the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, which provides the earliest evidence of Greek and Roman in Syracuse. Here, you will find the Greek Theatre of the fifth century, the biggest of the ancient Magna Grecia. The Theater is active even now, and in it are held theater performances worth mentioning. If choosing to sleep in Syracuse you’ll opt for this area, you will breathe the historic and artistic air of the place. It’s a very recommended neighborhood where sleep in Syracuse for lovers of art and ancient beauties.

What are the areas to avoid? There aren’t areas to be avoided in Syracuse

This Sicilian city is very quiet, and so there are no neighborhoods to avoid in Syracuse. Petty crime is virtually nonexistent, especially in the old center in the pupular one. So no fear when you come to this city because there are no neighborhood to avoid at Syracuse. Of course, anywhere in the world it may happen any criminal act, but there aren’t usually neighborhoods to avoid inSyracuse.

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